Armies Of Gielinor

Armies of Gielinor is a FunOrb turn-based strategy game based on the RuneScape world

A multiplayer and singleplayer turn-based strategy game developed by Jagex in 2009. The game and the FunOrb website (along with all of the other FunOrb games) was shut down in August 2018. Files have since been released by a third-party group that allows playthroughs of the singleplayer campaign. There are no available multiplayer servers available, at this time.

An AoG inspired game, Armies of Ganivar (AoG*), is currently in development by a third-party group that promises to provide and feature slightly similar mechanics, factions, and gameplay with more dedicated communication and growth of the game from the developer. An AoG* alpha test will be released in late December 2019.

The website for AoG* is currently under-development.